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Followup Adjustment

. Duration:15 mins·

New Patient Exam and Adjustment

. Duration:45 mins·

MEDICARE Follow-up Adjustment

. Duration:15 mins·

Monthly Maintainence Plan Follow-up

. Duration:15 mins·

Therapeutic Ultrasound

. Duration:30 mins·

About us

Dr. Dry has treated numerous athletes in the greater Atlanta area, including professional and semi-professional leagues providing support for the teams' orthopedic physicians and creating rehabilitation routines that lead to the recovery.

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141 reviews
  • Henry Kidder·

    Dr Dry has been my chiropractor for sometime His priority is his patience well being He will always make himself available to teat and provide medical advise He never overheats his patients
    He is very knowledgeable His medical advice helped me identify a potentialally serious heart condition

  • Robert G·

    I have needed chiropractic care since I was 20 years old due to an injury and partial paralysis. I am now 74 years young! Have been with Dr. Rick since April 2017. He is the real deal, knows his craft well and is a "down to earth" individual who truly LISTENS to my concerns. I always feel better after my adjustments. I am privileged to know and have him as my chiropractor.
    Thank you doctor Rick!!

  • T.D. Jorgensen·

    Magician-in-Motion, and always come through by the time I leave his treatment room. Sometimes, it takes an extra few hours, for the adjustment to take full effect, but in the end . . . MAGIC. I'm cure till the next time I throw my back or neck out, again.
    THANKS, Doctor Rick.


  • Kathryn D.·

    Dr. Dry has helped relieve the pain and tightness in my back and neck. He takes time to understand your issues, is caring and ensures your comfort. I couldn't have found a better chiropractor!

  • Gerald krol·

    Great doctor service is awesome and he always takes care of whatever problem you have

  • Susan Jamion·

    Dr Dry is great. He always helps me with my pain and I love his attitude.
    He is always so positive and encouraging.

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